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What is the purpose of a word counter?

We are all living in the word count era, whether you are a seasoned writer or a blogger.

Whether you're conscious of it or not, you've probably used text counts while inputting text and numbers, from character limits on social media to document length requirements in professional contexts.

Twitter was designed to only let us 140 characters at first, but 280 characters were added later.
Facebook does not permit posts longer than 63,206 characters, nor does it allow comments longer than 8000 characters.
What about the 30 hashtag cap on Instagram?
Your Instagram captions' 2200 character limit on Instagram can be halved to just 125 characters.

See? We are currently living in the character count limit era.

To avoid mistakenly having to cut or add words repeatedly to meet requirements, it's crucial to stay on course and make sure your content fits inside the parameters of these websites.

You'll need a text counters tool to make this happen.

Beyond helping you count characters from social media posts, a word calculator has other uses.




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